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Who We Are

Jbara Innovation is a  global leader in healthcare system innovation. We develop simple, scalable solutions that dramatically improve the delivery of health care at critical moments to save lives and reduce patient harm.

Why Jbara?

Our Formula For Lasting Transformation

Commitment to Truth

We seek to empower clients to enact long lasting solutions rather than mere “band-aids”.

Exclusively Healthcare

We follow a model that considers unique healthcare needs to customize our engagement.

holistic Improvement

We emphasize healthcare delivery excellence, efficiency, and effectiveness applying various modes of improvement.

Personal Commitment

We facilitate your “solution” that will last well beyond our engagement.

Now Is The Time For Change

annual deaths or injuries due to medical error
0 +
patients is harmed
0 in 10
wasted on adverse events
$ 0 trillion +
I have dedicated my career to preventing patient harm."
Your Invitation

It's Time For Change

Whether you are a multi-location healthcare system with over 10,000 employees, a government agency charged with improving healthcare, an established medical device company, or a new startup operation, we can help you make a difference. Let us show you how!



Healthcare's Urgent question

How do we solve the Patient Safety Crisis?

Facing The problem

We live in a global epidemic of patient harm. As healthcare professionals and executives we have often seen well-intentioned transformation efforts fail without success, leading to deep cynicism among healthcare providers and patients, leaving the client not much better off than they were.  too many big-name consulting firms swoop in with glossy reports, charge a lot of money, lead to deep cynicism among healthcare providers, and leave the client not much better off than they were. Jbara was started in July 2009 by Julie Johnson and Paul Barach (hence the company’s name, Jbara), as a way to formalize their ideas about what healthcare consulting services could be.  Paul and Julie’s vision was to create something that focused on building a meaningful relationship with the client that focused on shared values of improving healthcare quality, patient safety, and the experience of patients and the care team.

Addressing an Urgent Need

Fast forward to today, after a multitude of successful projects, we feel that there remains a deep and growing need to provide authentic support and advice to those who seek radical redesign of clinical services from community based, primary prevention to complex tertiary hospital care. Our extensive academic teaching, research, and implementation of service lines in the private, military, and public sectors have been devoted to developing, leading, and supporting quality improvement, patient safety and health systems strengthening. We have worked in 5 continents and advised dozens of the best healthcare organizations. We understand the real challenges involved in creating ethical leadership, changing work flow patterns, and sustaining reliable cultures in complex large organizations.

In Search of Excellence

We have worked with and learned from amazing and inspiring colleagues from around the world and we are delighted they agreed to join Jbara as our Associates to bring their wisdom to our partners. The Jbara team has had careers that has taken them to the best healthcare systems around the world in our efforts to learn about the most effective training, leadership, operations and cultural lessons. Our team has distilled the essential elements that lead to success and that can be used as a foundation to help you build upon success. 

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What Our Clients Say About Us

"Dr. Barach catalyzes leadership, commitment and vigorously pursues a clear vision. He constantly stimulates higher performance standards in every team member he works with."
Karla Grover, MBA
"In all facets of my engagement with Paul, I found his knowledge, passion, professionalism and communication skills were second to none. "
Daryl Sadgrove, MBA
"I strongly recommend Dr. Barach as a consultant, patient safety educator and executive coach. "
Douglas B. Dotan, MA, CQIA
"Dr. Barach's dedication to patient safety and health services research and science is outstanding. His unique style of supervision has helped me to focus on my research in a way that enhances my innovation and passion to explore how best to improve patient care."
Kirsten Brubakk, PhD
Improvement in action

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