Digital Health

What Is Digital Health?
We define “Digital health” as an approach that can help deliver the quadruple aim of healthcare using digital care programs, digital technologies with health, healthcare, living, and society to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery to make medicine more personalized and precise. This includes…

Patient Perspective

From the consumer or patient journey perspective, this can include tools for managing health and wellness, screening and detection of health issues, digital technologies that supplement or even provide therapeutic care remotely, and tools and services for improving the effectiveness and durability for behavior modification and primary prevention

provider-payer relationship

Providers and payers similarly are looking for opportunities to deploy digital technologies to improve access, connectivity and engagement; individual- and population-level outcomes; and efficiency.

Product Providers

We work with a large variety of healthcare startups, investors, and established healthcare technology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies and help them use information technologies and strategies in new and disruptive ways to help design and refine solutions that make life easier for physicians and better for patients.

Leaders in Digital Health implementation

Jbara consulting team will work with you to implement innovative digital health strategies to fundamentally change your consumer and employee experience. We have worked with health systems, medical groups, payers, and life sciences companies across the country and internationally (i.e, North America, Europe, GCC, Asia, Australia). We are uniquely positioned to help you craft high-impact, actionable digital transformation strategies and realize business and patient centered results. Partner with Jbara to accelerate your digital transformation. Take advantage of our deep healthcare industry expertise and broad portfolio of offerings. We’re a team of expert consultants with decades of experience across telehealth, mobile-health, health informatics and digital marketing.

Our Digital Health Consulting Services

Digital capacity and Strategy Development

Devise a strategy, build a plan, and organize for action and Build the foundation for digital success including diagnosing your organization’s innovation capacity, alignment, and execution prowess. We can help build the governance, org structure, processes, and team to support digital success.

Accountable Care Analytics Consulting

Analytics are key to optimizing patient results – and profitability. We can handle all phases of design and development. We help you leverage your data to gain analytic insight and advance analytics use with AI and machine learning.

Workflow Analysis and Redesign

Efficiency is key to a successful implementation, and we’ll work with you to optimize your workflow and drive results. Develop a tailored action plan to digitally enable your key strategic pillars.

Better data on the effects of telemedicine on patient safety
Using a systematic method for development and implementation
Learning what goes wrong and what works well
Competency Development on Both Sides of The Screen
Risk stratification of the user and technologies
Electronic Health Records Consulting