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Jbara offers comprehensive grant writing to federal, state, and non-profit private organizations in US and internationally. The art of grant writing is part technical skill, part persuasion, and knowing how to balance the two. Grant writing involves using clear, specific, and concise language that influences the granting organization to fund your project. Writing with clarity is very likely the most important aspect of grant writing, and often the most difficult, but also critical to success is locating the appropriate funding opportunity, planning the grant writing process, and finding and recruiting the best collaborators for the project. This requires time and strong organizational skills.

Our expert grant writing services have enabled clients and us to secure funding from City, State, and Federal agencies and private foundations and collectively, we have been awarded more than $19,000,000.

Our Services

Full Proposal Writing

Our full service, including program narrative, budget narrative, budget, attachments, etc.

partial proposal writing

Let us enhance your grant, in whatever area needs work.

Proposal Review

Get expert feedback on how to take your grant to the next level

Active Grants

  • National implementation pilot project for patient blood management, October 2020-2023
  • University Goes Digital for a Sustainable Global Education, March 2021-2023
  • Sharing European Educational Experience in Public Health, February 2021-2024
  • COVID-19 Network of Networks Expanding Clinical and Translational approaches to Predict Severe Illness in Children, 2021-2023

Past Successful Grants

  • Exploring patient handovers in clinical care units
  • Knowledge across population boundaries between diverse care settings: The Development and impact of Integrated e-Clinical Protocols on Patient Outcomes (e-ClinPro)
  • Implementing the HANDOVER toolkit, (PATIENT)
  • Quality and safety within elderly health and care services – the role of transitions and interactions
  • BioApp, Biodesign for Health
  • Improving the Continuity of patient care Through Identification and implementation of Novel patient handoff processes in Europe
  • Setting up and Running the Trauma Collaborative
  • Human Factors and Patient Safety During Paediatric Heart Surgery: An Evidence- Based Approach to Improve Patient Outcomes
  • Pandemic Influenza, Human Resources and Critical Infrastructure Dependencies
  • Effective clinical handover communication: improving patient safety, experience and outcomes
  • Evaluate and monitor Falls policy implementation
  • Excellence in Practice, Physicians Foundation for Health Systems Excellence
  • Preventing Adverse Events Associated with Mobility/Immobility
  • Florida Patient Safety Corporation Research Awards
  • Maintenance of Certification, Joint ABMS Taskforce on Patient Safety
  • Accelerating Change and Transformation in Organizations and Networks
  • Designing Team Training and Simulation for Health Care, Team Training Curriculum (Team STEPPS)
  • Establish the Florida Near Miss Reporting Program and Florida Patient Safety Corporation
  • Define Ambulatory Surgical Facility Performance Indicators
  • Set up and run the Patient Safety Coordinating Center
  • Surgical Simulation Evaluation
  • Training Nurses for Patient Safety
  • Medical Reservists Combat Team Training and Competency Assessment
  • Cross research council networks in patient safety research developments and dissemination of methodology
  • Expert Team Defines Ideal Clinical Setting – For Patient Safety and Medical Residents’ Training
  • Program evaluation of Medical Team Training in the Department of Defense
  • Enhanced Funding for Centers of Excellence for Bioterrorism. Preparedness
  • Human factors and patient safety in infant cardiac surgery
  • Improving Transitions of Care
  • Developing Centers for Patient Safety Research and Practice
  • Linking Best Reporting and Learning to Improving Safety
  • Handheld Computers for Distributed Learning
  • The Role of Simulation in Medical Education
  • Feasibility study for an Applied Patient safety training program
  • Patient Safety and Medical Education