Pediatric Cardiac Care

Addressing the Unique Challenges of Pediatric Cardiac Care

Jbara has been working for 2 decades on exploring innovative ways to assess and improve the team and organizational learning around pediatric cardiology, surgery, quality of care, and clinical effectiveness. We work together with families, clinicians, researchers, and patients to dramatically improve the outcomes for children with cardiovascular disease/defects.

First Steps to Better Care

We have developed and delivered workshops  introduced to support major QI methodologies used to implement design QI projects. The first steps include  identifying a problem, forming a multidisciplinary team, and developing an aim statement. Key driver diagrams are highlighted as an important tool to develop a project’s framework. We coach and support clinicians and administrators in several diagnostic tools used to understand the problem including the “5 Whys,” cause-and-effect charts, and process flowcharts. We help identify effective interventions, the value of plan-do-study-act cycles to fuel continuous QI, and use of statistical process control, including run charts or control charts. The importance of stakeholder engagement, transparency, and sustainability was discussed. We help hospitals understand and implement QI methodology and appropriately apply basic QI tools as pivotal steps to realizing meaningful and sustained improvement.