Planning Hospitals and Clinics of the Future

Can you Imagine The Hospital Of The Future?

Over the last 60 years, there have been recurring trends in thinking about the planning and design of hospital facilities, which seem to go through cycles. Specialty hospitals,  new  standards  for  patient rooms, ideas for efficient nursing unit planning, and design for healing environments; all have been the subject of architectural thinking in the past and then interest has subsided – but all will certainly be back again.  We spend every day talking with hospital managers about future planning issues, which  are  often  linked  to  achieving the quadruple aim, marketing responsiveness, new technologies, and changing expectations about healthcare delivery. Jbara takes a fresh  approach  to  hospital planning. Hospitals are  unique  among  building planning  and  design  projects  for  their  high level of complexity, in terms of their complex circulation  patterns  and  constant  use  as much  as  for  their  technical  systems.  By definition,  a  hospital  is  a  place  where healthcare services are delivered to patients who may stay in overnight accommodations or  may  visit  briefly  for  specific  care. 

We design transformational places, plans and strategies that improve life.

5 Key Hospital Design Goals
  1. Patient-centered care and family as part of the care process, since the patient is the hospital’s reason for being
  2. Efficient operations, clinical  safety,  optimal functional relationships, value for money, modern systems, low upkeep requirement
  3. Flexibility for expansion and new technology in unexpected ways over long useful life
  4. Sustainable design, reduced energy usage, intense 24 hr use and high occupancy
  5. Healing environment  to include  art  and hospitality, not just science and technology
Hospital Acoustics