Jbara Patient safety Quality and Leadership Program

Training To Become A Healthcare Leader

The Jbara online Patient Safety Quality and Leadership Program delivers core concepts and tools to be an effective patient safety champion in your hospital, clinical department or unit/clinic. The program’s 10 modules, which can be taken anywhere and at any time, delve into core concepts in such areas as:

  1. Safety leadership: what would you do the first day as a patient safety officer
  2. Systems and cultures of care–clinical microsystems
  3. Engagement of clinicians and management
  4. Designing safer care delivery systems a human factors approach
  5. Recognize the importance of collaboration and effective communication
  6. Assessing and improving teamwork performance
  7. Successful event investigation and analysis
  8. Understanding variation statistical process control charts
  9. Qualitative methods in safety and quality
  10. Evaluating Safety and Quality Interventions

5. Engagement of Clinicians and Management

Implementation Guide AHA/HRET HEN Implementation Guide Part 1. Updated September 2014