An Interdisciplinary Approach

At Jbara Innovation, our commitment is to develop and move the best, most innovative science, health sciences research and technology from the design bench to the patient’s bedside through a program of translational and interdisciplinary research and education. We are looking to implement seamless integration of research and clinical care from multiple sources — internal or external to our organization whether local, national or international — because the ultimate mission is to serve patients.

How Can You Improve Performance If You Can't Measure It?

Healthcare leaders and managers often struggle to know how efficiently their organizations are performing. Like seeing just a few pixels of an entire screen, much of the work and interactions that occur are not visible. But what if you could measure the tasks, skills, and team behaviors to bring the full picture to light?

Jbara team assessment tools and capability uses leading-edge performance measurement techniques to provide a complete understanding of team performance organization-wide—from individual tasks and skills, to team-based behaviors such as communication.

From surgery to hospital ICUs, teamwork is as important as task work. To provide visibility into complex, networked environments, we can tap into the data that flows through organizations to assess a variety of human and electronic behaviors and interactions. These real-time assessments help users, leaders, and instructors put their finger on the organization’s pulse, pinpointing areas of need to manage more effective team performance.

Selected Works

Board and Medical Staff Governance Assessment and Design