Surgical Safety and Improvement

We Improve Hospitals In The U.S.a. and abroad

Jbara has deep experience and expertise across key domains that are the bedrock for high quality, safe and patient centered perioperative services. Our experts come from surgery, anesthesia, nursing, operating room management, quality improvement, risk management, infection control, procurement, data mining, statistics and more.

Results We Create

Enhance Margin Performance

Analyze and improve utilization, variation and total cost of care

Improve quality, patient satisfaction and safety

Improve quality, patient satisfaction and safety

Optimize Patient Flow

Improve patient throughput, reduce length of stay and improve bed management

Enhance Departmental Efficiencies

Optimize operating room process, cardiac catheterization, emergency room and laboratory operations

Drive Sustainable Results

Strengthen clinical care protocols, physician alignment and other best practices

Diverse Measurable Outcomes
  • Reduce surgical site infections 
  • Surgical adverse event management 
  • Operating Room scheduling and block redesign 
  • Surgical services design and flow to improve throughput and room utilization
  • Operating Room Staffing
  • Hospital OR and surgical services Assessment
  • Operating Room Benchmarking including designing data dashboards and leader scorecards
  • Pre-admission testing and patient preparation
  • Preference/procedure card management 
  • Optimization of sterilization processes including point of use equipment / instruments. 
  • Provider alignment (anesthesia and surgeons and nurses)
  • Surgical Governance models
  • Surgical Services Consulting
  • Surgical Management Consulting
  • Clinical education and adherence to standards 
  • OR materials/supplies, instrumentation, and case cart systems 
  • Patient experience assessment and improvement 
  • Staff and physician engagement  
  • Post-acute care follow-up / care management to improve surgical effectiveness and reduce readmission rates.  
  • Coordination with ICU and inpatient bed management. 
  • Collaboration & coordination with Emergency Medicine Services, Radiology, Labs, Blood Banks, Pharmacy, Clinics to improve perioperative throughput and care delivery.
  • Operating room design
  • Surgical services design and flow to minimize and improve patient handoffs