Alex Jadad

Alex Jadad


Founder, Beati Inc.


Alex Jadad is a physician, philosopher, educator, researcher, entrepreneur and innovator. He holds a doctoral degree from the University of Oxford, on how to find and make available the best evidence from medical research. He is one of the pioneers of evidence-based medicine, and has been called a ‘human Internet’, as he connects the best minds, knowledge and tools to tackle major challenges, especially under high-stakes life-threatening conditions. His mission is to enable people and organizations to thrive through the judicious use of state-of-the-art methods for collaborative unlearning, scenario design, problem dissolution and future incubation. He led a three-year long global conversation on the meaning of health, which yielded a new conceptualization of the term as ‘the ability to adapt’ to the inevitable challenges faced by individuals, organizations or communities throughout life. This led to the emergence of the best integrated network of health services in the world, with results that exceeded those of all 36 OECD member countries, with only 25% of average expenditure. He is also the Founder of Beati Inc., which aims at achieving what seems impossible, together.