Edward Popovich


Faculty, NSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine


Healthcare executive leader and consultant who has achieved multimillion-dollar revenue enhancement, cost rationalization, and performance improvement. One of early Six Sigma leaders at Motorola, the organization that originated Six Sigma, and applying to other industries, including healthcare. Ed has a Ph.D. in Statistics with emphasis on biostatistics applications. He is an accomplished adjunct professor, author, and speaker. A few healthcare examples include:

  • 43% reduction in emergency department door to doctor cycle time in a mid-size hospital, more than 50% reduction in bed holds, and an increase in Press Ganey patient satisfaction from 19th to 87th percentile.
  • Led a 60% increase in mammography patient volume supported by over 80% cycle time reduction from 8 weeks to less than one week in the total diagnostic cycle time between initial self-presentation mammography to delivery of chemo / radiation oncology or surgical services.
  • As Senior Lean Six Sigma Deployment Advisor for the Office of the Surgeon General / US Army Medical Command facilitated organizational transformation leading to organizational recognition at Pentagon with Lean Six Sigma Organizational Deployment Award.
  • As a hospital VP facilitated changes in the schematic design of a new $72 million cancer institute to benefit hospital work-flow and patient safety.
  • Led $15 increase in Collections per Visit (CPV) for a national provider of emergency medicine services with over 2 millionpatient visits ($30 million net increase in annual revenue) and further facilitated the increase in private equity valuation of this company from $100 million to $275 million in 2 years.