John Øvretveit

John Øvretveit


Professor of Improvement, Implementation and Evaluation, Karolinska Institute


Dr John Øvretveit, works as R&D officer for Stockholm healthcare system and as Professor of improvement, implementation and evaluation at the Karolinska Institute medical university Stockholm.
Previously he learned the value of thermal underwear at Nordic School of Public Health where he worked for 15 years. When establishing and running the quality improvement program at Bergen Medical school, he was advised by his Norwegian family to buy the best rain wear at the North Atlantic fisherman store there. He served a frightening 12 yeas as a board director of the USA Joint commission international where he saw the best and worst of healthcare, and serves as a board director of the global implementation society leading their implementation competencies committee. He has published over 400 scientific peer reviewed articles and 12 books and is reviewer to 6 scientific journals and editor of one.