Dr Kim Gandy, MD, PhD

Kim Gandy


Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics

Founder, CEO of Play-it Health

CEO of Remote Care Docs


Kim is a trained cardiac surgeon, physician-scientist and entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in healthcare including at lead institutions such as Duke and Stanford. She has focused on defining software, algorithms, and protocols for the implementation of virtual care in clinical medicine to improve population health. She founded a company called Play-it Health (https://www.playithealth.com) with the vision of using personalized digital health tools to improve adherence to prescribed health regimens. The platform is recognized by both the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association for innovation. We have established a clinical practice, Remote Care Docs (http://www.remotecaredocs.com), comprised of individuals trained in virtual care to help overcome some of the barriers that we saw community practices encountering as they attempted to implement remote patient monitoring. Kim is deeply knowledgeable and has been immersed in developing and evaluating  digital health solutions. She is keenly aware of the barriers to optimal execution that exist for patients, clinicians, third parties, and digital health technology vendors and has developed a thorough understanding of the potential of digital health in supporting the quadruple aim. She has run international translational research organizations and worked at academic institutions that lead the frontiers of medicine. Digital health technologies will undoubtedly enable some of the most impactful innovations in healthcare, making care more affordable and equitable while dramatically improving outcomes.