Mark Winters Social Anthropologist

Mark Winters


social anthropologist and cultural analyst


Mark is a social anthropologist and cultural analyst who specialises in organisational anthropology, aboriginal land tenure and semiotic media and market research. Since leaving a Research Fellowship post in the Faculty of Science at UNSW in 2009 Mark has been working as a consultant anthropologist in native title and the Qld. State Tenure Resolution Program in Cape York Peninsula.  This work involves both anthropological research, cross cultural communication and corporate governance. He has also recently been working at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney on projects dealing with the well being of junior medical staff; improving End of Life Care in hospitals and is currently on their End of Life committee. His organisational work in hospitals focuses on the effects of professional sub-cultures on organisation change and clinical governance, with a particular emphasis on narrative communication. He has held research fellowships in both Australia and England at the University of Durham and has lectured in anthropology, sociology, organisational studies and media. Mark has written for theatre and television and worked for Semiotic Solutions UK as a cultural analyst. In his consultancies for JBara he has been a researcher and co-ordinator of the NSW Trauma Collaborative and quality and safety improvement in IFV organisations.