Children's Hospital Denver

Designed and implemented a Hospital Information Strategy

The Challenge

The Children’s Hospital, Denver (TCH) identified the need for an information systems strategy for the specification and deployment of an advanced perioperative suite of applications. TCH recognized that the deployment of a state of the art perioperative system has to be one of the primary information systems objectives for its new facility at Fitzsimmons.

The Solution

KSA and Jbara designed the approach to support the TCH vision of a safe perioperative environment deployed in any children’s hospital in the US. This report provides a systems strategy for satisfying this vision.


The report addresses:

  • Prevailing TCH perioperative information systems environment and identifies currently unmet priority needs.
  • Provides an assessment of the commercial perioperative systems marketplace.
  • Identifies a number of realizable information perioperative systems strategies with projections for the function, performance, cost, support, risk, and schedule implications of each.
  • Provides a method for convergence of interventional and surgical procedures
  • Provides a human factors approach towards integration of information management systems
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