Actions Not Words

The Challenge

In 2012, HQIP asked Jbara Innovation to consider and research a fundamental issue faced by HQIP as it undertook its role in managing clinical audits within the NHS: how to engage clinicians and clinical teams to learn from evidence, be accountable, and to act to improve quality as a result. The goal of this work was to explore how those who lead data collection programmes could deliver their findings in such as way as to drive action, to lead and promote change and advising HQIP how it could improve the way it channelled feedback and learning so as to encourage local clinicians to act on the information.

The Solution

Jbara Innovation undertook extensive desk research as part of a global and UK environmental scan, developed hypotheses and tested these against feedback from 60 intensive interviews with key stakeholders, most of them NHS ‘elders’, progressively building insights that formed the basis of a comprehensive report to HQIP Board and executive. The report looked also at HQIP capabilities, profile, Board governance, leadership and strategy; ways to better engage and support clinicians; stakeholder management including patients and consumers and more effective communication; how audit information was used and implemented to address quality improvement; as well as dominant external factors such as the complexity of the NHS culture and engagement with HQIP and audit.

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