Improve Perioperative Services Of The Future

(In Progress)

The Challenge

The client is a 250-bed large regional, level 1 trauma and medical center with high-volume programs in general and specialty surgery. The challenge is to:

1. Assess the Safety, Quality, Effectiveness and Reliability of Surgical Services

2. Provide a thorough analysis of the safety and quality metrics of surgical services including the culture of safety, clinical quality indicators, safety event reporting, events of harm and resulting action plans, and process improvement initiatives and their corresponding outcomes.

The Solution

This project is on-going. Full Report to follow.


  • Governance– Deployed New Governance Structure to facilitate improvements in Quality / Margin / Time metrics.
  • Engagement– Engaged all clinicians/staff/management expertise and experience.
  • Metrics– Developed and deployed a system of Scorecards / Dashboards to facilitate decision-making at the “right” lowest level of the organization and foster transparent data communication and understanding of the decisions made.
  • Performance Improvement– Recognized opportunities to improve efficiency /effectiveness through quick wins and process standardization/optimization.
  • Culture of Safety– Enhanced an accountable and psychological culture of patient, staff, and executive safety.
  • Revenue Savings– significant cost savings and guaranteed margin improvement.

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